Monday, 30 August 2010

The vandal of Corbridge

Our host plays the innocent abroad.

But now he hides his shame. If Inspector Knacker is watching it was 'im what done it gov'ner. It can be revealed that once more the words "McConkey's Arse" have been left in a public place. Not a urinal this time thank goodness. The boy needs treatment for MCA synrome - and fast.


  1. Most men's mid-life crises involve women, drink and fast cars. He's always done the first two and he can't drive, so cut the lad a little slack. He might be the new Banksy, you never know...

  2. ... More like the new Rolf Harris.

  3. Did you hear the Rolf elements in the last Scoundrels album too? So did I.

  4. Next Scoundrels album title:
    Two Little Boys...